Traditional Stick Framing

Traditional stick framing is used most often when building a structure from wood. With over 20 years of experience there’s nothing we can’t frame. If you can design it, we can build it.

Panel Framing (Pre-Fabricated)

Pre-fabricated framing isn’t a new concept, but has gained traction in the last 5-7 years as a go-to for builders as it cuts down on build time. However, a significant drawback is that there are many more “errors” to be corrected. Often the there will be discrepancies in the panels from the factory to the on-site usage. Something that does not occur when building traditionally.

Pre-Fabricated (On-Site)

Another form of framing is pre-fabricated panels, not built in a factory, but rather built on-site by hand. It is a hybrid of traditional framing and pre-fabricated. It can, work exceptionally well under specific circumstances. However, as is the case with factory made pre-fabricated panels, an error in one can project through the rest of the panels built, which as you can imagine causes a significant problem.

Post & Beam Framing

This type of framing is highly specialized and used primarily with open concept designs. Generally the framing concepts are similar, but there are some significant variations that have to be considered.

Log Cabin Framing

This type of framing is self-explanatory. It is solely used in the building of log homes, as such the framing principles used vary significantly from that of a traditionally or pre-fabricated built structure. At current, this is not a service that we offer and advise anyone looking to build this way to hire a contractor who specializes in log cabin building.