Mitchell Construction is an extension of a rich family history in woodworking. Thomas Mitchell began woodworking in 1948 when he began building everything from wooden model planes, some which actually flew; to hope chests; to smaller more intricate wooden objects like chess boards & pieces, figurines, vases, and dishes; to larger scale projects like tables and chairs, benches and his two hand-made cabin cruiser boats; both boats still exist and are in use today! He passed his woodworking knowledge down to his sons and grandsons. Keith Mitchell operates a contracting company in the Toronto area and Tim Mitchell operates Mitchell Construction. With 70 years of history and knowledge, there’s no project we can’t handle.

Tim expanded his knowledge further in carpentry while working with his father in framing. He learned the intricacies of building a structure from the ground up. Today, he applies both his skills as a fine woodworker with his skills as a rough carpenter achieving a quality and attention to detail not usually seen both inside and outside of your home. In response to the growing trend of poor quality workmanship he obtained his license as a Home Inspector, and strives to provide his clients with full disclosure on their perspective property purchases.